rachel + matt
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Louisville, Kentucky

“My first experience with Meghan was when she photographed my best friend’s wedding, of which I was a bridesmaid. She was so easy-going and cheery, and made the redundancy of wedding photos insanely fun and awesome. Fast forward a few months and it was now my turn to be the center of attention. I couldn’t think of anyone better than Meghan to fill the high-pressure role of photographing our engagement pictures.

As many might imagine my (now) husband and I arrived at the location of our shoot pretty uncertain of what to expect. Nerves and excitement were both running fiercely through our blood. It literally took five minutes to warm up to Meghan. Ten shots in and we were off to one heck of an amazing day! The weather was perfect and the photographer even more so. She knew exactly what to say to keep the vibe natural. She made us laugh like crazy, look and feel beautiful, and most importantly she reminded us what this is really all about: how much we truly love each other. For that we will be forever grateful.

I still find myself looking through our pictures. They will never get old. I would do it the same all over again if I could. Thanks, Meghan, for all your hard work and talent. You are truly one of the best!” -Rachel and Matt Snyder