anyone who knows emma (or her family) knows one thing for sure: she is dramatic. and i mean that in the VERY best way possible. emma is the type of person who, enthusiastically, makes you feel you’ve known her your whole life, moments after your first handshake. while i’ve known her sister for quite a while, my first time meeting emma was on the evening of our shoot. most seniors take a few moments to warm up and move past the awkward phase; not emma. the amount of usable images i have from her session is astounding! and shouldn’t be a surprise.

emma is beautiful, kind, smart, and as outgoing as the come. i LOVED our evening at her grandparent’s lavender farm and was a bit sad when it was time to drive home!

i’m not sure the world is ready for you, emma, and that’s a good thing. i can’t wait to see where next year takes you and to watch your career unfold!

ps, hazel is still confused when i tell her that i took mary poppins’ photos. 🙂

  1. Libbe O'Connor
    September 20, 2017

    Wow! My MiMi girl….how beautiful you are…thank you Meghan for capturing so wonderfully her beauty and spirit! We love her so very much! Thank you…Nana & Granddad…

  2. Peggy Grow
    September 20, 2017

    Meghan…….Nana is right! You have done a wonderful job of capturing my Emma’s HEART, JOY and LOVE in these photos!! I have too many favorites………STUNNING!!!!!!

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class of 2018: emma
willowfield lavender farm; mooresville, indiana