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Thailand City Guide

Josh and I spent 2 glorious weeks exploring a bit of what Thailand has to offer. We quickly found that 14 days could never be enough. As with most Asian countries, Thailand is the land of overpopulation but that’s part of the charm and culture; the land of plenty, if you will. We felt we hardly scratched the surface of what there is to discover and absorb.

We divided our time between the capitol city, Bangkok, the country’s 2nd largest city in the north, Chiang Mai, and rounded out our stay down on the island of Phuket. While our mere 3 days in Bangkok had us wishing we had allotted more time to explore the ginormous city, who could complain about vegging out on some of the world’s most beautiful beaches on Phuket?

I will forever look at our time in Thailand as some of our happiest moments as a couple. Exploring a completely new continent together in the nitty, gritty land of smiles was simply amazing.