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St John, USVI City Guide

St John, USVI is a tiny, 8 mile long island located just to the east of St Thomas. It remains the more hidden US Virgin Island, compared to St Thomas, thanks to the fact that getting there can be laborious (flight to St Thomas, followed by a 45 minute taxi ride, followed by a 30 minute water ferry.) While we’ve seen its popularity grow as well as the island itself evolve over the years since we’ve been visiting (our first trip was in 1998), we can’t quite quit this special place. It’s played host to numerous family trips (I’m talking THE WHOLE family) as well as our core group and each time we seem to rekindle our love for its narrow, windy, often-times ill-paved roads and its pristine beaches.

The island itself is home to a colorful family of people who seem to look out for each other and the island. That familial core brings a certain comfort when bellied up to a bar next to the guy who just rented you a paddle board at Cinnamon Bay, who is good friends with the guy who just blended you the most wonderful bbc (The best is at beach bar in cruz bay. And you HAVE to try the tuna down now.)

While I once hesitated sharing too much of my love for St John, at the risk that it will become overly visited, I now look at it as sharing a piece of me. St John really and truly is a piece of me, so much so that on our visit in 2009 when I had just been laid off, I scoured more than one job/apartment board. That happens when you visit a place upwards of 8 times!