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Brussels City Guide

I’d be lying if I said my initial reasons for visiting Brussels weren’t superficial. When booking our trip, Josh and I found the city with holds the headquarters of the European Union to be the cheapest. And it just so happens to house my favorite painting of all time. And then we found out about The Pantone Hotel. Done and Done.

We flew in and out of Brussels, which gave us the chance to visit twice. Which means we ate Mussels twice and drank lots of great Belgian beers and chocolates. Because it’s french speaking and has similar architectural style, Brussels reminds me of a less crowded Paris. Something not similar? The streets. Oh my is Brussels hard to get around. Streets are short and curvy, seemingly starting and stopping at a step’s notice. While the subway is the best way to get from point a to point b, it’s definitely a stroll-worthy city. Lace up the trainers and walk without destination.

Though we’ve technically been there twice, I would go back in a heartbeat but mainly so that I could hop a train out to Bruges.