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dear hazel: 3 years old

2/1/17 dear hazel, this letter is so overdue, i’m not really even sure where to begin. you see, i just picked up your registration packet…

dear hazel: 15 months

dear hazel, a few months have passed since my last update, which feels like a lifetime ago. since then, we managed to make it through…

dear hazel: 12 months

XIV dear hazel, one year. 12 months. 365 days of hazel. that seems like both an eternity and hot minute at the same time. there…

dear hazel: 11 months

XII dear hazel, 11 months! hazel, how is this possible?? i’m late, per usual, in writing this letter and i have to blame most of…

dear hazel: 10 months

XII dear hazel, 10 months, baby! i have to say, this was by far our most favorite month with you. you now have 2 bottom…


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