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dear chloe

ii dear chloe, oh, sweet chloe. it’s letter is SO overdue. and while we’re confessing/begging forgiveness, i’ll just go ahead and tell you that somewhere…

dear hazel: 3 years old

2/1/17 dear hazel, this letter is so overdue, i’m not really even sure where to begin. you see, i just picked up your registration packet…

dear chloe: welcome to the world

I 10/20/16 Dear Chloe- You’re here, baby girl! Actually, you’ve been here for two weeks but i’m just now finding the time to put my…

summer reads

i reluctantly (there’s something about holding an actual book in your hands) bought my kindle reader a year or so ago and ever since then…

dear hazel: 15 months

dear hazel, a few months have passed since my last update, which feels like a lifetime ago. since then, we managed to make it through…


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